I began writing this section in third person the way a lot of bloggers do but decided that might not be the best approach when it turned out that the person I was describing sounded a little too cool. Embellishing is a tougher when you’re using “I,” “me,” and “my” pronouns.

So, although it’s true that Russ has been a ketoer since 2012, it is unsurprisingly equally true that Ihave been a ketoer since 2012. At the risk of friends or family producing pictures of me eating pizza or bagels or drinking craft beer at some point in the past few years, I will say that there have certainly been occasions when I have fallen off the wagon, but those occasions have been few and far between. Just ask my kids if they can recall the last time we ate together at a legitimate Italian pasta restaurant (i.e. one that doesn’t serve wings).

I’ve been a Disney fan my entire life. My mother tells me I went to Walt Disney World for the first time when I was 3, and, by my rough count, I have visited WDW about a dozen times. The pic above is of me (left) and my little brother and dad at Mile Long Bar outside of Country Bear Jamboree. This is the only photo I have of me as a child at WDW since the rest are in Davy Jones’ Locker thanks to Hurricane Katrina.

As a result, it will probably come as no surprise to those who know me that my blog would have something to do with keto…or Disney…or, the most niche of niche topics, keto and Disney.

For what it’s worth, the goal here isn’t to convince folks to keep keto while they’re on vacation. I don’t begrudge anyone their Dole Whips and churros. In fact, my first break from keto, 18 months after I started, came at the hands of Sonny Eclipse with a bun(-ful?) burger and fries at Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Café. I know…I know…I could, and probably should, have picked something better to break the fast with, but my son was in love with Tomorrowland Speedway at the time, and we were trying to squeeze in a fifth ride of the day during what we hoped would be a lunchtime lull.

Not to worry – I went on to eat my way through all the carbs Walt had to offer. So, in retrospect Cosmic Ray’s was just my jumping off point…or initial stumbling block…depending on your perspective. After that lapse, it took me some time to get back in the keto groove because the last thing I wanted to do at the end of my epic vacation was to dive right back into depriving myself of all the carb-y goodness I had enjoyed at WDW.

What I’m hoping to do here is provide some fun and interesting content for those who share my interest in the intersection of keto and Disney. But beyond that, I would like to help those who want to keep keto at Disney parks stay on trackand help those who want a keto break at Disney parks get back on track when they return home.

Fun facts:

  • Favorite go-to keto food: Buffalo wings
  • Favorite keto food: Ribeye
  • Favorite current WDW attraction: Splash Mountain
  • Favorite current Disney attraction (all parks): Radiator Springs Racers (DCA)
  • Favorite all-time WDW attraction: Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride
  • Favorite keto-friendly WDW restaurant: Liberty Tree Tavern

Items of note:

  • There’s plenty of magic at WDW. But that doesn’t mean there’s special magic underlying my posts. If you disagree with a post, let me know! If you can’t find an ingredient, substitute! If something doesn’t work in the context of your particular low carb lifestyle, adjust accordingly! Nothing is sacred here.
  • This is a super casual blog. I spend enough time during the rest of my day polishing my writing. I’m going to drop this on you stream-of-consciousness style. Hope you don’t mind.
  • I’m not a nutritionist or a scientist or a doctor of medicine. I am a doctor of laws, so I feel the need to say aloud what should be obvious: This blog is for entertainment purposes only. You should consult a medical doctor before making any diet or lifestyle changes. And finally, as much as I love Disney, I’m not affiliated with the Company. Everything that belongs to Disney is theirs. The rest? Yeah…well…you know that’s just like uh my opinion, man.

Keep Ketoing The Kingdom, Kids!